the dooup - pooper scooper, dog poo bin

available now - the dooup complete pet waste cleaner register here - the dooup walk-ease

The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer is the only 5 in 1 pooper scooper in the world, and contains unique patent pending ‘scoop-flush technology’ which works to simultaneously spray a garden and animal friendly sanitising fluid over the affected area while clearing the waste into the storage chamber; working to prevent the spread of the 23 million bacteria contained in dog waste. This ultimate garden gadget provides contact-less, hygienic clearance and stores around a week’s worth of dog poo before automatically sealing the waste away – saving you bags and time and keeping your home environment clean and safe.

If your dog uses your garden as a toilet, The dooup is a no brainer! It’s a product you’ll use every day. Simply leave outside and grab daily to clear, clean and store in seconds. Order now and get FREE UK DELIVERY and a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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  • "I can’t believe what a difference one purchase has made to my life"
  • "potentially the best invention known to dog owners!"
  • "we use it every day and with four dogs find it excellent"
  • "It came - and it does what it says on the label"

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