3 happy doggies

"Received today, cleared up easily after my 3.

Potentially the best invention known to dog owners!"

Paula Downing

2 tiny dogs

"I have no regrets whatsoever for buying this product, it does what it says, we have 8 small dogs so it's used regularly on a daily basis. Hygienic, safe and easy to use."

P.I. Botham (Amazon customer)


Pooper Scooper

The only 5 in 1 pooper scooper in the world that contains unique patented ‘scoop-flush technology’

It works to simultaneously spray a garden and animal friendly sanitising fluid over the affected area while clearing the waste into the storage chamber; working to prevent the spread of the 23 million bacteria contained in dog waste.

This ultimate garden gadget provides contact-less, hygienic clearance and stores around a week’s worth of dog poo before automatically sealing the waste away – saving you bags and time and keeping your home environment clean and safe.


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The difference

Leave in or behind your shed and grab daily to clear and santise your garden with a simple push of the handle.

Clear multiple amounts in one go and when it's time to empty the collection chamber the self-sealing bag will ensure you never have to come into contact with dog poop again!

The dooup is the ultimate garden gadget that will make this daily chore easier and more hygienic. No more trying to flick waste up using a shovel. No more putting your hand in a plastic bag, or using one of those grabbing devices where you still have to transfer to a bag and tie.



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