the dooup - pooper scooper, dog poo bin

available now - the dooup complete pet waste cleaner coming soon - the dooup on-the-go

Whatever your waste clearing needs, brand dooup offers the easiest, most convenient and hygienic ways to deal with dog poo, both for the garden and soon for your leisurely dog walk.

The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer for the garden contains unique ‘scoop-flush technology’, simultaneously spraying an environmentally friendly sanitising fluid over the affected area to prevent the spread of the 23 million bacteria contained in dog waste. This garden gadget offers a contact-less, easy process, storing around a week’s worth of dog poo before automatically sealing the waste away. Order now and get FREE UK DELIVERY and a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Coming soon, The dooup for walks provides an easy way to clear and store while you’re out, you won’t even need a bin. The extra benefits that come with this product make it impossible to forget when you leave the house!

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  • "I can’t believe what a difference one purchase has made to my life"
  • "potentially the best invention known to dog owners!"
  • "we use it every day and with four dogs find it excellent"
  • "It came - and it does what it says on the label"

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