Best Pooper Scooper for the Garden

5 in 1 garden gadget to cover, clear, sanitise, store and seal away animal waste
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  • "Not being used to handling dog poo via picking it up in a plastic bag etc, I have to say this is a much better idea. Stays in the shed, no picking it up anymore just place this over the poo and press down in a sharp short action, job done!"
    P.I Botham
    Amazon Customer
  • Hello, just a line to say how pleased we are with your dooup machine. We bought one at The Malvern Dog Championship Show and now we use it every day and with four dogs find it excellent. We will certainly recommend it."
    Ken Cooney
  • "The package arrived, I scooped a garden with two weeks of poop, it worked really well! It’s a great product. I did need some practice but after watching the dvd it worked great!"
    Mitchell Zandwijken
  • "As a breeder anything which helps with pick up and hygiene duty is a great help. Well worth the money."
    W Ford-Huchinson
  • Such bliss, no more juggling, going back to find where you left the lead after putting down three things to clear up after your dog. Or forgetting where you left behind the ball launcher, poop bag holder or even worse the bag of poop.  Everything has been covered.  Couldn’t be happier, wouldn't be without one now.  Definitely recommend to friends, family and everyone!
    Sarah Busby

See how the dooup tackles real dog poop on lots of different terrains (filmed during a community clear up day in Ledbury, Herefordshire, UK) Although this is pooper scooper primarily for garden use, we were excited to demonstrate its' ability to clear from challenging terrains, even waste that was dried in. This video proves how well the dooup can work when used as per the intended technique.

Best Pooper Scoopers For The Garden....

This next generation pooper scooper is the only dog waste clearing device that can offer scoop-flush technology! It’s a 5 in 1 garden gadget that covers, clears, sprays, stores and seals the dog waste away..

No need to bend low down, get close or transfer to a bag.
Place the dooup centrally over the waste, pushing firmly and swiftly on the lever, always returning to the ‘up’ position before tilting back and lifting away.

For soft, runny or dried in waste, push the handle several times and reposition from different angles to achieve maximum clearance.

Keep outside or in the shed (out of reach of children) and grab each day to cover, clear, spray, store – then at the end of the week, or when the bag is full, remove the storage chamber which automatically seals the biodegradable bag.

It’s a dirty job and someone had to


Variations of scoop and grabber type pooper scoopers have been around for some time but none can claim to clear as effectively and hygienically as The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer. Scoop-Flush technology has finally arrived!

Whilst collecting the dog waste, the dooup simultaneously sprays the affected area and inner scoop with a garden friendly sanitising fluid that helps to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and parasites.

The dooup is the only pooper scooper that works to leave your garden safe for all to enjoy, helping to reduce the Pet Poo Print, while saving bags.

Is the garden dooup right for you?

Hygienically stores and seals away

The bacteria killing sanitiser works to prevent odours, keeping your garden fresh and your dooup odour free.

Saving time, bags and backs, the dooup can clear up to 10 days’ worth of waste (based on use for one small dog) before automatically sealing the bag upon removal of the collection chamber. Tilting the dooup back each time before lifting away will ensure more waste can be stored before the bag needs replacing

For medium and large breeds (based on use with one dog), the bag will need replacing approx. 5-7 days. This is still a significant reduction of bags, and you will never need to face the waste again!


Protecting you and the environment

Residue waste is often left behind when using other pooper scoopers, shovels or the ‘hand in the bag’ process and this residue waste can remain active in soil for up to one year. The dooup ensures effective and hygienic clearance by simultaneously spraying a garden friendly sanitising fluid over the affected area as it collects the waste.

The fluid works to kill some of the 23 million bacteria and parasites that are contained in dog waste. Some of these can cause a range of ailments from tummy bugs, asthma, to kidney problems and even blindness. Waste and residue waste is frequently washed into storm drains which then affects our waterways and aquatic life. The dooup works to protect garden users and the environment while making a nasty job quicker and easier, so you’re less likely to leave your dog’s waste out in the garden for too long.