Frequently Asked Questions

One of our main objectives is to always provide great customer service. If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call us direct on 01531 636 725. Alternatively please fill in the brief contact form here and if you would like us to telephone you, please provide your contact number and preferred day and time to call. We aim to respond and resolve any issues with both speed and accuracy.

Will the dooup work on my grass/paving?

The dooup works well on groomed grass, and will also work on long, thick and uneven lawns, however, there are techniques required to achieve 100% clearance. Take a moment to watch our Clearing from long or thick grass clip here for an easy to follow demonstration.

When using The dooup on flat surfaces, one push clearance is easily achieved with solid waste. When the waste is soft or runny, several pushes of the lever may be required as well as some repositioning to achieve the best clearance. Occasionally extra cleaning tools may be required such as a brush or a hose.

Will The dooup work on shingle?

The dooup is designed to work on all garden terrains and after some initial practice to perfect the best technique, easy push clearance can be achieved.

When using on shingle or bark for the first few times you may find that you will collect some of the pebbles or bark along with the waste. With some practice, and by putting less weight onto the dooup when swiftly pushing the lever, you will find that you will develop ‘the knack’ of how to clear the waste without collecting the pebbles or bark. Always tilt the dooup back after collection before lifting away.

What if I have any problems with my dooup?

As a business that has a core objective to provide the best products, we also ensure we provide the best customer service too. Any issues will be resolved with accuracy and efficiency. Call us direct on 01531 636 725 or email us at [email protected] We will ensure that any telephone messages left or emails received, will be responded to within three working days.

Will the sanitising fluid damage my grass?

Grass types vary considerably; however, the sanitising fluid is PH neutral and of a low toxicity. It does not burn, poison or cause damage. It is effective against preventing the spread of bacteria and parasites and with its’ long lasting deodorising power, it works to kill the bacteria that causes the odour. Repetition tests have been carried out on various grass samples with no negative effects found.

Will my shed smell when I leave a full dooup inside?

Animal waste can vary but we have conducted many tests in the height of summer by leaving a full dooup in a very small timber shed and can confirm that there were no odours. The collection chamber contains the waste inside the bag, and the base (which should not make contact with the waste) is flush to the floor, keeping the waste enclosed. It is also worth remembering that with every push of the lever, the affected area and scoop is sprayed with the bacteria killing (odour killing) sanitiser, and some of this will be deposited with the waste inside the bag, helping to break down odours.

Can I take my dooup out on a walk?

The dooup has been designed specifically for the garden, to ensure easiness as well as hygiene in your personal outdoor space. It is light enough to carry around the garden but on a leisurely walk, it is likely to be inconvenient. We are currently developing an ‘on the go’ solution that will be conducive to your leisurely walks with your dogs. Contact us for more details and we’ll keep you posted.

When should I replace the bag?

For one small dog (based on depositing once per day in the garden), we estimate around 7-10 days’ worth of waste can be stored before the bag will need replacing. For one medium sized dog, 5-7 days and for large, around 3-5 days. With more dogs to clear after this will be reduced further. One pack of 20 self-sealing bags are included with every dooup Starter Pack which will enable you to monitor how many collections you achieve before needing to replace the bag. This will help you to decide which of the ‘bulk buy’ packs to suit you.

For example, we sell the Multi-Bag Pack which consists of 4 x 20 self-sealing bags. This could last an entire year for use for one small dog – and is only £14.95, including delivery to the UK. We also offer combined bag and fluid bulk packages too. Take a look at our online store.

We advise tilting the dooup back after each collection before lifting away as will enable you to collect more waste. When the dooup cannot store anymore waste, it simply won’t clear the waste. So, if the waste remains there even after firmly tilting back and trying to clear again, then it’s time to change the bag. After regular use, you will begin to know how much your dooup can store before the bag will need changing.


How do I replace the bag?

Using the instruction booklet included with your Starter Pack for reference, ensure the bag is placed inside the collection chamber, over the raised edges. Do not stretch the bag over the lower corners. The bag should not feel tight. We strongly advise new dooup users to take a minute to watch the Loading the bag clip here.

What if my dog’s waste is soft or runny?

The dooup is capable of clearing soft and runny waste but this will require extra pushing of the lever and some repositioning of the dooup from different angles to achieve good clearance. In some cases, particularly when using on flat surfaces, extra tools may be required such as a hose or brush.

Can I use the dooup on long grass?

Yes, the dooup can clear, even from very long grass but there is a certain technique required which is shown in our support footage. Take a moment to watch Clearing from long or thick grass here.


As with most new gadgets, it’s easy when you know how. Repositioning the dooup can be useful if the grass is particularly tangled or the ground is uneven. If jamming occurs, pushing the lever down will release the jam. By tilting the lever back slightly before pushing down firmly and in one swift motion, returning to the ‘up’ position will help to achieve good clearance (this is fully demonstrated on the clip mentioned above). The dooup is very robust, so don’t be afraid to be firm.

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