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Pooper Scooper

After scouring various websites to find out what America has to offer in terms of pooper scoopers, we stumbled across Wiki.ezvid.com which is a site that reviews the top ten products within a category. After watching the poop scoop video, we were confident that The dooup is the best possible pooper scooper for the yards of America. The video presented many of the 10 scoops as ideal for dog walking…well, we have never marketed The dooup as a poop scoop for the walk but if they can, I guess we can!


The dooup is made specifically to safeguard your outside surroundings. Your yard is part of your home, so we think it’s imperative that dog waste is not only removed but the affected area be sanitised as part of the process. This can now be achieved effortlessly with The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer.



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The concept behind the dooup is to cover the waste with the unit using the green circles on the side as a guide and push swiftly on the robust and handy lever, returning to the up position before tilting and lifting away. The area is cleared and cleaned and the dooup is ready to clear the next doo. Around 7-10 deposits for a smallish dog can be stored before the self-sealing bag inside seals it away upon removal of the collection chamber. You can leave it outdoors in all weather and grab daily to clean and clear. The sanitising fluid works to help prevent the spread of bacteria that can be harmful and can remain active in soil for approximately one year. However, it’s a unique water based fluid that is kind to animals and the environment, so it’s guilt free and effortless clearing to help maintain a safe and healthy home environment for you and your family. This advancement is a much awaited ‘paw forward in pet hygiene’ and brand dooup are proud to lead the way.


We can’t understand why there are so many cool gadgets for other areas of our lives but our precious yards that we like to lounge, barbecue and roll around in with our kids, has never before seen a gadget that clears, sanitises, stores and seals away pet waste – and all this is accomplished in seconds. Furthermore, it’s so easy to use, you can drink your coffee while clearing in the morning!


There are so many sites and posts that advise about buying or adopting a dog, and all the things you need to consider before committing to owning a pet but the one chore that needs doing every day is rarely mentioned. Dog food is obviously a huge consideration for dog owners and America has an abundance of varieties to offer – yet the bi-product of feeding your dog is extremely important, especially for dog owners with small children. Love you lawn and your dog? You need a dooup – fact!


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