Best pooper scoop arrives in the U.S

Number One Pooper Scoop arrives in the U.S - with unique Scoop-Flush Technology!


number one pooper scoop - The dooup
with scoop-flush technology

The Number one pooper scoop has arrived in the U.S. A new way to scoop the yard means no more bending or crouching down to scoop dog poop any more. And this all in one garden gadget can be used while sipping a cup of coffee, it's that easy!

Better still, it scoops and sanitises simultaneously and can be left outside, in all weather. It's the ultimate yard tool that can be used every day to cover, clear, sanitise, store and seal away animal waste. 

Why wouldn't you want to sanitise the affected area? The yard is used to lounge around, grow food, dine, and worse still - children play there. It's about time there was a hygienic solution to clearing dog waste every day. No bending, no transferring the dog doo to a bag every time. And no more spreading bacteria and parasites into the home!

The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer is proven to be the best poop scoop ever!

With 23 million bacteria and parasite contained in dog waste; every yard that has doggy doo deposited daily needs one of these fantastic gadgets. Infected dog faeces can remain active in soil for up to a year if the bacteria and parasites aren't properly cleared. So, it makes sense for a pooper scooper to clear while sanitising the affected area each time. Extra benefits of storing approximately a weeks' worth and then automatically sealing it upon removal of the collection chamber are great for saving on plastic bags. It also saves time as there's no need to transfer poop to bag after every poop collection. A dooup user can keep on scooping all week and then change the bag after gravity has done its' magic to draw the bag together, ready for contactless disposal. - The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer does it all for you.


dog using dooup pooper scoop
Teaching an old dog new tricks with dooup poop scoop

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