Assembling the first batch of dooups with family

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The first batch of dooups arrived dangerously close to our launch date for Crufts in March 2012. So we used this opportunity to become 100% familiar with our product by opting to assemble ourselves in the warehouse we'd manage to secure just in time. It was a time when those who really believed in the dooup came together and worked non-stop to meet the fast approaching deadline. In hindsight, this was a great way for us all to learn how this clever product fitted together to work, and this was a perfect way to ensure our product knowledge was top notch before demonstrating to the public at Crufts for the very first time. 

With pure determination and accuracy, each dooup was then fully tested and packaged into our fabulously designed boxes, along with the sanitising fluid and self-sealing bags that are given free with every dooup.

It seemed a good sign that the first dooup was sold during these few days via our own website which we had yet to really market. Someone was adamant to find a better way to clear dog waste - and they did - The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer, the only pooper scooper in the world to sanitise while clearing and to store multiple amounts and seal away the waste. 

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stu and boxes


The view from our Malvern Hills warehouse certainly helped to keep us there day and night, and despite many issues with further delays with other stock, we managed to put on a great show at Crufts and even secured ourselves some much needed TV coverage on More 4.



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