Automatic Pet Waste Clearer and Best Pooper Scooper launched at Crufts

Automatically Clears and Cleans

The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer is the only automatic pet waste clearer in the world. Voted Best Pooper Scooper, it clears and cleans the lawn while storing and sealing the waste. It hasn’t been on sale at a Crufts show in the last few years but will always be a very poignant time for team dooup since the product was launched at Crufts back in 2012.

Best Pooper Scooper

The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer was voted Best Pooper Scoop for the garden by Dogs Today in 2013. It automatically sanitises and self-seals the bag inside which can store approximately a weeks worth of dog waste. In terms of ease of use for the home environment, it’s second to none. With patented ‘scoop-flush technology’, The dooup is the only pooper scooper in the world that can claim to be an all in one pooper scooper. Clearing while simultaneously sanitising the affected area and inner scoop is a massive step forward in the area of dog waste clearance.

Exhibiting at Crufts

The Starter Packs are quite a substantial size and weight and therefore are better suited to selling online rather than shows. A Crufts offer is always applied during this time and will usually include free UK delivery. This makes it all the more appealing to Join The dooup Evolution.

Automatic Pet Waste Clearer and Best Pooper-Scoop on Crufts TV
Automatic Pooper Scooper for the Garden
The dooup on Crufts TV

The dooup was featured on Crufts TV during it’s launch as it was considered one of the best gadgets on sale. Take a look. It was then likened a Bentley of pooper scoopers and although they didn’t cover the ‘scoop-flush’ element of the product, the demonstration worked seamlessly to relay the easiness of The dooup for the garden.

Crufts is a great event to check out what’s new for your furry friends. And what better way to celebrate life with dogs than to update the current and dated clearing methods for the garden.

Automatic Sanitiser is Logical Innovation

The garden is a place for all to enjoy. It’s not just a toilet. The dooup works to prevent the spread of bacteria and parasites into the environment. The dooup not only automatically sanitises but it also has the ability to store the dog waste as well as automatically seal the waste away. The garden space can now be cleared and sanitised in seconds…and as for the poo, it can either stay in the storage chamber until the next day, or the bag inside will auto seal upon removal of the chamber – it really couldn’t be simpler!

Get Spring Fresh with a dooup

Enjoy the clean and fresh scent of flowers this spring and get a pooper scooper with scoop-flush technology. The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer comes with free UK delivery at www.thedooup.com

Check out The walk-ease dooup for walks too, available in Spring/Summer 2017. The dooup walk-ease offers another first – a way to clear conveniently as well as store the waste if there’s no bin available. It provides the benefit of a hands-free walk and there’s a place to keep treats, and toys too. Even somewhere for your phone and keys. Just leave it with the lead attached, by the door. Then just grab it and go! No need to forget poo bags ever again. The handy scoop included can be placed in hygienic pouch which can be removed and cleaned if necessary.

 Clearing Dog Poo with ease and Hygiene

Automatic Pet Waste Clearer and Best Pooper Scooper
Best Garden Gadget for dog owners!

Brand dooup is all about making the act of clearing dog waste automatic, easy and hygienic. Take a look at The dooup walk-ease too and register your interest here.

The Crufts four day event begins 9th March, and as always we’ll be there in spirit and digitally here. We look forward to welcoming you into the 21st Century and The dooup Evolution!

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