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Maface Solutions Ltd chose Glee 2011 to introduce its' remarkable innovation - The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer - bringing flushable clearance to the garden. Never has there been a market leader in pet waste clearance and this clever device is set to change the way people deal with animal waste in gardens forever.

Managing Director, Stuart Kirby says,

"the garden is a place we lounge and dine in, grow food, and it's even a play area for children! It's about time sanitising was introduced to the garden, since it is, for many, also a toilet for dogs".

The dooup clears, cleans and collects multiple amounts of waste before the bag needs changing; the biodegradable bag inside self-seals, so the user never need see, or make contact with the waste again.

One consumer said,

"my teenager has promised that she will clear the dog waste every day if I buy one of these."

The unique sanitising fluid that simultaneously sprays the affected area and inner scoop, can protect garden users such as children who regularly play in the garden, from the harmful bacteria found in dog waste. It protects the environment too by reducing the spread of bacteria into storm drains.

Marketing Director, Helen Kirby says,

"this is without a doubt the most innovative pet waste product, and Glee was the perfect platform to introduce the dooup to industry experts - the positive feedback was extremely encouraging."


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