Buying a dog requires some serious consideration-plan before you buy

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Buying a dog or a puppy is a big decision, and it’s important that you figure out what type of dog is right for you. You need to examine your current lifestyle and consider what adjustments you are willing to make for a dog. You must consider the needs of your family too. If you have children or other pets, it’s essential to ensure that your new dog is the right fit.

As with most pets, one must consider any allergies suffered by members of the family, and overall, if the household might be prefer low-shedding dogs, in this case, it would be worth looking into the hypoallergenic dog breeds.

The other obvious factor to consider is the size of the dog, and along with that, the energy level and age as these will be contributing factors when you are planning their exercise routine.

Team dooup will be looking into some of the best dog quizzes and breed selector websites to help you make your choice, so be sure to check in again soon.
We’ll also be looking into the cost of owning a dog, and providing you with a breakdown of the initial costs and the extras you may not have thought about. It’s worth considering adopting a dog as this is not only cost effective, it's also very rewarding to give a dog a second chance home.

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