Dog Poo Gone in Six Seconds


Clear and Clean in Seconds

If you haven’t had a chance to take The dooup for a spin around your garden, then you won’t appreciate the title of this blog. It’s certainly worth pointing out that this is a completely new process for clearing animal waste from the garden. It may take a new user some time to grasp the technique, particularly if dealing with challenging terrains or consistencies of waste.

Yes, we agree our promo video can make it look easy – almost as if we’ve edited it to look that way. Therefore, we are happy to provide you with a ‘no frills – as is’ video of the dooup out and about in public areas, clearing from all different types of terrains, and clearing all types of dog waste.

Watch our ‘No Frills’ Video

So for anyone who doubts The dooup, with its patented ‘scoop-flush technology’ – they will find it tricky to argue their point after seeing dooup clears in six seconds.

We often think that it would be better to have this as our home page video as it does demonstrate the need for¬†varied positioning and the need to push a few extra times on the lever. We believe this would help manage expectations as some new users may expect ‘one push perfect’ every time and I’m sure you can appreciate that there are so many different factors to consider; terrain, waste consistency and of course, the ‘knack factor’. All of this might mean the difference of an extra week for a new user to get to grips with this all in one pooper scooper for the garden.

The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer is still the only pooper scooper available to clear while sanitising the affected area. It is also the only poop scoop to store multiple amounts of dog poo before the bag inside seals it all away upon removal of the collection chamber. This is a ‘must have’ garden gadget for any who has a dog that does its’ doo regularly in the garden.

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