The Good Dog Guide on Pooper Scoopers

Harvey Hound has had the great pleasure in trialling the best pooper scooper for the garden. The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer is an all in one pooper scooper for the garden. He gave it a firm five paw rating for its ease of use, sanitising capabilities and storing benefits. No more transferring waste to bag – The dooup does it all for you. The garden is left hygienically clean after each deposit, so Harvey is happy with his new clean garden.

Best Pooper Scooper for garden given five paws by Harvey Hound
Teaching an old dog new tricks with dooup poop scoop

He tells us about set up

“What a great product this is. When my favourite mr postie delivered it, it was well boxed with really easy to use instructions and even had a dvd to watch. Set up was easy, I just had to fill up the sanitiser and put the bag in place and just wait until I needed a poop.

The Scoop-Flush technology

I waited and waited and at last, it was time test it. I then placed the dooup over my poop, pushed down and pulled up swiftly and firmly on the handle and as if by magic, my poop disappeared and the ground was left sanitised.


One bag was good for five days of poop, and when it was time to change it, I clicked a button and the bag popped out and the sealed it away, easy peasy. And who says ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’!

This clever garden gadget gets a five paw rating from me. Great for dog owners, dog friendly businesses and poop clearing where kiddies play as it sanitises afterwards.”

End of The Good Dog Guide Review

We were extremely grateful for Harvey’s review, and his ability to get the knack so quickly is a real inspiration to us all! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks (not that we’re calling you old Harvey!) This unrivalled garden gadget is easily the best pooper scooper for the garden since it is the only device available in the world to clear, sanitise, store and seal away dog waste.

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