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Kudos to World's Best Pooper Scooper

The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer is the World's Best Pooper Scooper, and here's why -

A review by Kudos - November/December2014 kudos dooup review


A new revolutionary scoop-flush technology to bring hygenic clearance to your garden! Let’s face it. Cleaning up poop is the one downside to owning a dog. None of us enjoy doing it, but some are able to tolerate it a little more than others. So what if there was a way of cleaning up your dog’s waste from the garden without having to get too near? When we heard about the dooup, we just knew that our strong local community of dog owners would love this product. We certainly do (do!)

All in one Pooper Scooper

In a nutshell, the dooup complete waste cleaner is a pooper scooper machine that clears, sprays, stores and seals poo – all in one quick-and-easy pump action. Our editor has two dogs; Archie, a Border terrier and Jake, a chocolate Lab/garbage disposal. We got her to refrain from cleaning the garden and on a sunny Saturday afternoon, arrived with dooup in hand. The most important thing is to watch the instruction video a few times before you set it up. The dooup really is quite simple to set up and use but it is not advisable to take the gung-ho ‘I don’t need to read the instruction manual’ approach. There are only a few steps in the video to setting up the machine (basically fill up with sanitiser, put a bag in place,and go) but things to note are to make sure you attach the bags in the right way (er, let’s not see what would happen if we don’t!) and, most importantly, it shows you that you need to centralise the dooup to the waste and follow with a strong pump action. If you do that, you shouldn’t go wrong. There are also some handy hints and tips in the video to ensure you make the most of your dooup.

Practice makes Perfect 

It might take a bit of practice before you are ‘push perfect’. It didn’t take long for us to get the hang of it so, quite frankly, if we can master it then you definitely can. The amazing thing was that it had no trouble clearing the waste from the long grass – any dog owner who has had to attempt that by hand (with a poo bag I hasten to add) will be very impressed. It also holds a decent amount of waste so you can use it a number of times before having to change the bag. But the best part? You don’t even need to see the waste! You just remove the bag and dispose of it. The dooup is best used on grass, and can clear varying types of waste consistencies with several pushes of the lever.

The Dangers of Dog Waste

More importantly, every time you pump, the dooup spritzes the area to sanitise. The reason for this?Shockingly, there are 23 million bacteria in a deposit of dog waste. Think about that the next time you walk barefoot on your lawn or the children are doing handstands! However, we found that it also worked well on other surfaces, including patio, gravel and decking. And before you ask, the poo really was in all those places; we didn’t strategically place them! The only thing to note is that when clearing small ‘nuggets’ on decking, you might want to try slowing down the pushing of the lever as there can be a tendency for the poo to bounce if pushed too hard. I’ll say no more…

The Time Saving Pooper Scooper

Once you are familiar with the set-up and best practice for your own garden the dooup will save you time, bags and keep your garden clean. It’s a one-handed, contactless process that makes an unpleasant job that bit easier. Cup of tea whilst clearing the garden with one hand anyone? Retails at £49.95 (it is so worth it!) which includes 600ml dooup sanitizing fluid and 20 self-sealing bio bags. Other Industry Reviews; Dogs Today, StyleTails, The Good Dog Guide, Business and Industry, Pet Gazette

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