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 Love your dog but not the dog poo?


As with most great things in life, there’s usually a downside. We’ve had the pleasure of our furry, four legged friends for thousands of years, and yet this age old problem of dealing with their waste effectively and hygienically has been lurking, unresolved…until now.


Starting at home, in our beloved gardens where we relax, barbecue and play, surely it makes sense to have a handy garden gadget to clear the dog poo easily? We’re not talking your typical pooper scooper, like your average grabbing or scooping device. There’s a reason why there has never been a well-known pooper scooper– because most people would rather use the hand in the bag process or the existing garden shovel, than buy one of the many variations swamping the online stores today.


Most people believe that spending money on a pooper scooper that does exactly the same job as the hand in the bag or the garden shovel – and quite often, not as effective, is a waste of their hard earned cash – and quite frankly, we would agree with them.

That’s why we invented and brought to market The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer.


Simply leave this 5 in 1 pooper scooper in, or behind the shed, and grab each day to clear, spray, store and after collecting a few days to a week’s worth of waste (depending on your dog/s), then it will seal the waste in a dooup biodegradable bag! Providing a contactless, yet comprehensive clearing process.


This patented Scoop-Flush technology provides the user with the ability to clear waste from their garden while spraying a garden, animal and child friendly sanitising fluid over the affected area, to prevent the spread of bacteria and parasites. That means that the dooup protects people and the environment – plus a saving on bags, since the dooup uses one bag for several collections.


This pooper scooper certainly cannot be likened to the garden shovel or the hand in the bag process. In fact, no contact is required from the moment you see the dog poo on the lawn and place the dooup over it. Out of sight, out of smell and sealed away before your eyes.

Bringing flushable clearance to the garden, the dooup does the business after your dog’s done theirs!

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