New Pooper Scoop product will Reduce Poo Print on Environment

If you already own a 5 in 1 garden dooup, you’ll know that when it comes to convenience and scooping dog poop, we provide the ultimate solution for the garden!

We now bring you the ultimate solution for walking your dog!

best pooper scooper for walks


As a responsible dog walker that always scoops the poop, you never want to be in a situation where you are stuck without a means to clear the waste. And yet, you probably don’t want anything extra to hold?

The dooup walk-ease is designed with this in mind. In fact, it enables a more leisurely, even hands free walk with the added convenience of storing bags, scoop and even a place to store the waste if there’s no bin!

As a dooup walk-ease owner, you’ll always be ready to leave the house, equipped with everything you need for your dog walk:-

  • A compact, discreet scoop and inner pouch to hold the bagged poo if there’s no bin.
  • Secure lead attachment for peace of mind when you need to let go
  • The easy grab, external bag dispenser, you’ll know when it’s empty, so you’ll never be caught short without bags again
  • For the occasional ‘clean on the go’ need, there’s an emergency spray pen
  • No need to hold onto that ball thrower anymore, the dooup walk-ease comes with a ball thrower and place to keep it, so you always have an option to exercise your dog
  • A treat section to keep them by your side
  • A place to keep your phone, keys and money
  • If you’re a night walker, check out the image below and how easy it’ll be to clear poop in the dark

The next step is to decide which is the best pack for you…

The dooup walk-ease Adventure Pack

The dooup walk-ease Training and Exercise Pack

The dooup walk-ease Starter Pack

Brand dooup is about making life easier with dogs. We know that dog poo happens…and it always will. We have worked hard to make this daily chore as easy as possible for the home environment and now, for walks. We believe this not only helps you but it helps keep the environment clean and safe from the harmful bacteria that is contained in dog waste.

Now the dooup walk-ease is available, there’ll be no need to leave bags of poo behind during walks, the dooup walk-ease not only stores a bag of poo but it will also remind you that your pouch is full with a handy tag reminder, so if you don’t find a bin along the way, you can dispose when you arrive home. We really have thought of everything, so you don’t need to.

Simply leave the dooup walk-ease in your hallway and literally grab and go – everything is already there for you.

Join The dooup Evolution and help reduce the Poo Print!

Why is The dooup for the garden the best pooper scooper?

For the home environment, we know there’s a need to collect multiple amounts, sanitise the affected area (after all, you use your garden to lounge, dine and play), so our unique ‘scoop-flush’ technology is a must. The convenience of storing a weeks’ worth before the bag seals upon removal of the collection chamber makes this yet another benefit that contributed to The dooup’s winning title of Best Pooper Scooper for the Garden by Dogs Today magazine.

Reasons to buy a 5 in 1 dooup for your garden
  • you can clear and sanitise the garden in seconds, even with a cuppa in hand
  •  you will save on bags since the dooup stores multiple amounts, approx. a weeks’ worth
  •  no need to transfer waste to bag, the dooup auto seals the bag upon removal
  • no more arguments about who’s turn it is to clear the garden (everyone will want to)
  • prevent the spread of bacteria and parasites into the environment
  • supporting a small, UK business

Watch the dooup 5 in 1 for the Garden in Action on the home page here