New Year, New Pooper Scooper

What a difference a dooup makes!!

New Year, new start means different things to different people. List, no list? Just start by making some changes to make life a bit easier.

There are chores we avoid doing such as ironing, washing, hoovering…the list goes on. The dooup can’t help with any of those. But one of the worst chores has to be clearing dog waste from the garden. If left there’s every chance the dog will tread in it and walk it into the house. Furthermore, the environmentally conscious among us will be aware of all that harmful bacteria being washed into nearby storm drains if it isn’t cleared before the rain.

clearing dog waste while holding umbrella
Best Pooper Scoop for Garden


The Difference a dooup Makes

It’s fun clearing with a dooup – simply grab from behind the shed, place over the waste, give a swift push of the lever and the waste is flicked into the collection chamber inside. The affected area is sanitised with garden/animal friendly solution and the waste safely contained inside, ready to clear the next batch.

Perhaps not as appealing as in the winter months but it’s worth considering how quickly the job gets done and therefore, taking only a fraction of the time it would usually. There’s no need to change the bag until it’s full, so even less time for the average poop scooping session.

No Frills Video Here

Take a look at The dooup in action here www.thedooup.com

And if you aren’t convinced by slick promo videos, then take a look at our ‘no frills’ all action version here on YouTube

Join the 21st Century and Join the dooup Evolution! #BestGardenToolEver!

For the things in life you don’t enjoy doing, there’s usually a gadget to help. The dooup is the answer to the clearing dog waste quickly and hygienically in the garden. For your chance to make life a bit easier and cleaner, don’t put off today what’ll need clearing tomorrow.

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