The Pimped up Pooper Scooper

Pimped Up Pooper Scooper is Best for Garden

The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer is the best Pooper Scooper for the garden and has been reviewed and regarded as the 'pimped up pooper scooper'. A cool gadget for clearing animal waste from the garden. This all in one pooper scooper not only clears with a push of a lever but it also sanitises the affected area and inner scoop too! Storing approximately a weeks' worth of waste, upon removal of the storage chamber, the bag seals the waste away. No contact with dog poo ever again. Now that's a Style-lish Tail!!

Best Pooper Scooper for the Garden

Poop management is probably the least desirable part of owning a pet but poo will always be a smelly old fact of life. It will never stop, so there needs to be a better way to deal with animal waste. We have a hygienic flushing system in the home for our waste. The dooup has patented 'scoop-flush technology' which in a way flushes the unseen bacteria and parasites instead of leaving them active in soil for a year.

Scooping Poop

Developed here in the UK, the dooup makes the job a little more glamorous with its' all in one action of clearing, sanitising, storing and sealing away dog waste. It's about time the garden was properly treated since this is a place we lounge, dine and children play. The sanitising fluid is kind to animals and the environment. It's a huge step forward for pet hygiene but it's also about time.

Poop perfection (or something like that?)

End of dooup review

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We loved the term 'pimped up pooper scooper', it almost made the dooup glamorous. Just being mentioned in this high brow pooch mag made us feel special. Being considered a trendy gadget really got us to thinking - perhaps we ought to be introducing the dooup to some famous pooch owners? 

Any suggestions?

Once again- extremely pleased with the results of this trial. The dooup can be deemed a product that doesn't work, when in fact it is quite often the user not being used to the technique, particularly if the terrain or waste is challenging.

It's worth having a good practice with an old potato or some play doh first, just to get the knack. And be prepared to have to push the lever several times and re-position if the waste is of a soft or runny consistency.

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