Premium Pooper Scooper for Mother’s Day

A dooup for Mother’s Day

A premium pooper scooper for Mother’s Day? Whether a mummy of a human or a mummy to the furry variety, or mummy to both, Mother’s Day is an important day to honour all that ‘mumminess’!

And what better way to do that than give a gift that keeps on giving. Or in this case, saves mummy time and effort. Not to mention eliminating the ‘yuck factor’ that comes with clearing dog poo.

The only downside to owning a dog is clearing the waste. Brand dooup has been invented to make this job easier. It’s a convenient and hygienic garden gadget for the home to keep the garden hygienically clean. This means no more germs trodden into the house. Soon, a convenient, all in one product to take out on walks too. Brand dooup provides a solution to clear and store the waste when home and away.

dog using dooup pooper scoop
Teaching an old dog new tricks with dooup poop scoop


The dooup was voted Best for Garden

Best Pooper Scooper for Garden by Dogs Today
Voted Best for Garden by Dogs Today

The garden dooup has been successfully clearing and sanitising gardens since 2012 and earned its’ title as ‘Best for the Garden’ by Dogs Today magazine. This prestigious vote means that mummies of furry kids have the ultimate solution to the issue that is – the garden being used as a toilet! It is a logical that a pooper scooper should also sanitise while clearing waste, especially when you consider how gardens are used for lounging, dining and playing. So it is about time ‘scoop-flush technology’ was available. The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer is a handy garden gadget that makes an unpleasant chore easier and more hygienic. One customer has even said that whenever she uses hers, it makes her smile!

Put a smile on her face this Mother’s Day and buy her a garden dooup and why not register for The dooup walk-ease too?

Dog waste isn’t just a nuisance, it is a real hazard for the environment and can actually be a serious health risk to people too, especially small children who are more likely to come into the contact with infected soil which can remain actively harmful for up to a year. It is even more vital that the area in the garden is cleared and cleaned simultaneously to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria into the environment as well as into the home.

Join The dooup Evolution…it’s about time!



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