Reducing dog poop with dooup

Reduce Dog Doo with dooup

Councils all over the UK receive hundreds of complaints from residents about constant dog fouling in public areas – even parks where children play. And the cost of clearing is huge. One thing is clear, that unfortunately the minority of lazy dog owners will always ruin it for everyone, and therefore some clear rules need to be in place. If everyone trained their dogs to toilet in the garden, using the dooup makes this an easy and hygienic process and we’d all be living in a cleaner and safer environment. You can even use this 5 in 1 pooper scooper as a dog poo bin by timing your walks after the week’s collection and then taking the safely sealed bag to your nearest dog poo bin. That way, councils could provide one for residential collection bin for each neighbourhood and be able to monitor the collections more efficiently as residents would be part of the process of alerting the main point of contact, usually that particular councils dog warden.

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