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The pimped up Pooper Scooper


The dooup gets a mention on fab Design and Living for Pets website -Styletails take a look
Their article is 'in-keeping' with their aim to keep modern and savvy pet-loving readers up to date with all the latest pet goodies, and what better gadget to have, than the complete system, from clearing to sealing animal waste.


The dooup is simply the coolest garden gadget there is. After all, if you love your dog and your garden, isn't it logical that you would sanitise after each doggy doo to ensure that yourself and doggy are kept in a clean and healthy environment? And if you have young children too, it's an absolute no brainer in our books!


Did you know that dog waste has a whopping 23 million bacteria and this bacteria can remain active for up to a year if left unsanitised on soil. Isn't it time we embraced 'scoop-flush' technology? We say yes - and welcome to The dooup Evolution!

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