The dooup takes to glam shores on Necker Island

 Richard Branson Necker Island

The dooup Pooper Scoops Necker Island

Brand dooup has reached the glam shores of #Richard Branson’s #Necker Island to help keep the 74-acre dream resort clear of gecko waste. Necker Island is one of the few places in the world that the rare gecko – Virgin Islands dwarf gecko, lives.


The team at dooup HQ were thrilled to learn that the efficient management there at the island sought after the best clearance device for the waste and decided on The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer for the job. The dooup CPWC is in fact the only pooper scooper in the world that sprays environmentally friendly sanitising fluid while clearing away animal waste! It also stores multiple amounts of waste before the bag inside seals it away upon removal of the storage chamber.

Who knew the dooup would become a Gecko poop buster!?


To keep your luxury island (garden) clear and clean of bacteria and parasites, get yourself a dooup right now 


The dooup is so much more than a pooper scooper - it covers, clears, sanitises, stores and seals away dog waste, and all in seconds. It's so easy (after a bit of practice) that you can clear while sipping a cuppa, or if you really are 'living it up' - why not sip some fine champagne while you clear and sanitise your lawn. You won't have to worry about wandering bare foot in the sunshine on your luxurious lawn this summer!


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