The first video dooup review

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Reviews are important for any product but particularly for a new and unique product. There is nothing else in the world like the dooup so it that makes it even more difficult to relay the benefits and also to ensure 100% user satisfaction. For some people, the mechanism is simple and they don't even need to look at the user instructions or videos available, they just have 'the knack' straight away. Unfortunately not everyone has this ability and quite often, instructions and the video instructions need to be looked at several times, and practice has been essential to then get the desired effect. With that said, the dooup may require a little patience - without this trait, the user may never experience the true dooup evolution!

Marketing Director, Helen Morris says,

"We worked hard to get as much feedback as possible from our customers. On the whole, it’s been a case of ‘no news is good news’ where people are receiving their dooups, and we don't hear anything from them.

It's so true of British mentality to post a review when they are unhappy. When we've managed to speak with our customers, they are usually happy with the product but just haven't had the time to review. Of course, they are very obliging when asked but this means the balance of good and bad reviews will always be unrepresentative.' 

Some of the customers that have taken the time to send their feedback are quoted word for word, on the reviews page of our website.

Stuart, the Managing Director points out

"The dooup is such a new and unique concept and we were concerned that people might struggle with the technique, and though we have had the occasional call from a frustrated customer, we always assist them immediately and 9 times out of 10, they try again and realise they were doing something wrong. It’s not like it’s a product that can be compared with anything else, so sometimes there’s a need to take a little bit of time to watch the support video footage.

Take a look at our blog - Techniques for using the 4 in 1 pooper scooper

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carla in garden


Another early reviewer was local, pregnant lady (at the time), Karla. She loved the sanitising feature and the fact that she didn't have to bend low down to collect the dog's poop. Knowing that her little one would be able to crawl around one day on the lawn, without the worry of coming into contact with harmful bacteria was a major plus point for her. Her thoughts were, if you have children and a dog, the dooup makes perfect sense. To watch our video testimonials and read what some of our other customers have to say about the dooup, visit our review page dooup customer reviews here.

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