The inspiration behind The dooup

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While staying with his best friend in Australia, Stuart (Inventor of The dooup) volunteered to help out in the garden. So before mowing the lawn, he was faced with the daunting task of clearing dog waste from the garden. After almost ten years of avoiding this awful task (since his last dog has passed away), Stuart was surprised to find that there was a distinct lack of innovation for clearing dog waste from the garden.

The garden is a place we dine, relax and children play, yet there he was, despite all the handy gadgets his friend had for inside the home, he had to bend down and flick the waste into a bag with a garden shovel. How was it that people did this on a daily basis?

Surely it would make sense to include some kind of cleaning fluid, after all, they were in Australia, dinner was always eaten in the garden. 


Merlot was the perfect family dog but like all dogs, he had to do his business, and it was Merlot's business (which wasn't always solid) that inspired Stuart to get into the business of providing the best pooper scooper for the garden.

Thank you Merlot! 


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Further thought on this subject brought back memories of playing football in his old garden back home, and he remembered how awful it was when the ball landed in an area that his dog would often poop. When talking to his sister about this, she too remembered doing handstands and cartwheels in the garden and remembering how awful it was knowing their dog's waste had been on the very same lawn her hands were. And so it began - The creation of The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer!


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