Reviews for Best Pooper Scooper

This 2 minute video shows a few of our customers using and talking about clearing dog waste in their gardens with the dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer. See if any of the benefits suit you.

"The dooup is a simple yet genius device which strangely always makes me smile when I use it!" Penny Blakeman

Pooper Scooper Reviews for Garden dooup


"I cannot think of anything else better than this for a dog owner. Works perfectly on my garden’s grass."

Helena Rachao (Amazon customer)

"I find the dooup worked really well and after a very short learning time the dooup worked every time picking up all of the deposits leaving no trace on the grass."

W Ford-Hutchinson (Amazon customer)

"As a breeder anything which helps with pick up and hygiene duty is a great help. Well worth the money."

Philip Coppell (Amazon customer)

"We have a small dog and the dooup manages to clear all his waste from the garden without any problems. No more windy days walking around the garden with a stinking, flapping carrier bag needing 2 pairs of hands to do the job of clearing up the waste!"

M. James (Amazon customer)

"Hi, having received my dooup today I'd just like to say thank you for the fast delivery and the quality of the product. It is so easy to use and works everywhere in the garden from the patio to the grass to the gravel. Absolutely brilliant product!! Thank you! "

Pete Holland


"I have no regrets whatsoever for buying this product, it does what it says, we have 8 small dogs so it's used regularly on a daily basis. Hygienic, safe and easy to use."

P.I. Botham (Amazon customer)

"Not being used to handling dog poo via picking it up in a plastic bag etc, I have to say this is a much better idea. Stays in the shed, no picking it up anymore just place this over the poo and press down in a sharp short action, job done!"

Mr. D. Morley (Amazon customer)

"I read all the reviews before buying this product. Although there were some bad reviews I took the view that people are more likely to post a review if they are disappointed with a product than if they are pleased. I'm so glad I did!! It doesn't take long to get the hang of using the dooup. As long as you remember to tilt backwards after plunging it works perfectly. I have a new Bernese puppy and a large grassy garden and this product is really going to make my life easier. I would recommend this product!"

Mrs Josephine M Thomas (Amazon customer)

"Bought for friends as a Christmas gift – both are very pleased with it…because it is all plastic, it can stay outside, a major bonus. Excellent product."

D. Coope (Amazon customer)


"Like a lot of people no doubt considering this, I saw it on a recent episode of Dragons Den. I don’t review products on Amazon often, but these guys deserve it. I bought the product a week ago, took 30 seconds to read the basic instructions, didn’t bother with the DVD, and it works absolutely fine – picked up everything first time without any issue. The spray also works – this is the main reason I got this, to ensure my grass isn’t stained as bad. Because it’s easier I use it more often than I would go around with doggy bags to pick poop up. Okay it’s not cheap and it’s a bit of a luxury but if you enjoy your garden then I think it’s worth it. Works perfectly."

Ross Williams (Amazon customer)

"Now that I've had the dooup for about a week or so I would like to say what a brilliant piece of kit it is. I have a large garden and 2 dogs and the dooup is the answer to my prayers. It does exactly what is says in the literature and I soon got the knack of it."

Ken Cooney

"Hello, just a line to say how pleased we are with your dooup machine. We bought one at The Malvern Dog Championship Show and now we use it every day and with four dogs find it excellent. We will certainly recommend it."

Mitchell Zandwijken

"The package arrived, I scooped a garden with two weeks of poop, it worked really well! It’s a great product. I did need some practice but after watching the dvd it worked great!"
Richard and Phyllis Taylor (Polede Cesky Terriers)
"I have been pleased with the dooup, after a bit of practice it works well and has made life so much easier! I found your set-up instructions easy to follow, it was getting the position of the device right that was the harder part, but then that’s something you can only learn through use I think.
Good luck with the PR – you have a great product that makes a nasty job much easier and you deserve to do well. More dog owners should know about it!"

Ruth Stimpson

"what it says on the label – husband really likes it, and our Misty looks at him in dismay wondering what all the fuss is about, she never does her buisness outside always in the privacy of her own garden – shes a lady ! – and now she has a clean garden…. always."

Janet Gibson

"Received today, cleared up easily after my 2. Potentially the best invention known to dog owners!"

Paula Downing

"I can’t believe what a difference one purchase has made to my life. With two dogs, clearing their waste was such a chore. It does not help that I am disabled and bending is nearly impossible. Keeping the back garden clear has never been so easy. Now I need a ‘mini’ dooup for when I walk the dogs!"

Michelle Tuffley

"For me, it works perfectly for what it’s designed for – I have no quibbles with it at all. I love your free bag offer for existing customers – it’s what high street banks, phone companies etc should be doing – glad to see someone has actually put it into action! Still a big fan of the product and company."

David Samuel, Herts

"I think it’s a great innovation that works well and it has certainly made the task it is designed for more enjoyable- if you can class picking up dog doo as enjoyable that is."

Paul Day, Doncaster

"We are very pleased with the dooup product and have found it very easy to use, and keeps our backgarden - which is in actual fact not real grass but expensive Artificial Grass, so by using the dooup with its disinfectant spray keeps the garden clean and free from bad odours, so we have a perfect green lawn all year round."

Ms Gibson, Oldham, UK