Watch this short video and see how the dooup walk-ease makes clearing dog waste on walks much easier as well provides many other extras to make your walk safer and more enjoyable.

Pooper Scoopers For Dog Walks

Designed to hold everything you need for taking your dog on a short or long walk. Hangs in your hallway, keeping your lead and other items neatly stored away.

Easy to use, simply place over your shoulder (adjustable strap), attach the lead (already stored) to your dog and you’re ready to go.

You can attach several standard leads or a single retractable lead.

Everything you need will be on hand for the duration of your walk, and there’s extra pockets to keep your keys, phone or any other necessary gadgets that you like to carry with you.

Leaving the house just got easier!

light-weight & comfortable

Non slip shoulder/cross strap leaves your hands free to hold your shopping, phone, child’s hand or to simply enjoy a more leisurely walk.

Provides extra security should you accidentally lose contact with the lead, this is especially useful around busy roads or when other dogs approach.

Features reflective material to enhance visibility when walking in the dark.

Secures firmly to your body so you can even run with your dog.

concealed pooper scoop

Quick draw pooper scooper can be operated with one hand.

Seals and stores the waste in scented bags and can be returned to the built in storage holster (no need to find a bin!)

Easy and discrete, simply continue your walk until you’re able to dispose with a simple click into a bin (no need to hold a bag of poop or tie it to a tree).

Easy release function for disposing of the bag, without touching.


Side pockets for doggie snacks to help with training.

Ideal and comfortable for long walks and jogging.

Section for ball thrower.

Hand/ground sanitiser for cleaning on the go.

Extra pocket for storing more than one bag of waste.