Who will clear the most with dooup?

Everyone loves a gadget for Christmas! Why not do practical and fun this year - and while you're at it, turn it into a great christmas game. Get clearing with all sorts of objects in the lounge to perfect your technique and identify the best 'dooup-er' in the family...

Add some Christmas fun; get a timer ready (on your phone), a piece of paper, pen, and list each family/friend member's name in one column, the second column should be named 'time to set up', the third column 'amount cleared. Choose some fun things to clear - play doh, left overs, etc and sit together to watch the support video here. Draw straws to see who has to go first, the one with the shortest goes first, so the others have the advantage to learn from their mistakes! Each player is timed to set up the dooup, then they're given 60 seconds to clear as many objects as they can. The player with the most cleared objects is then deducted 2 points for every extra minute they take to set the dooup up. Each player is allowed 2 minutes for set up and this allows for fitting the bag and pouring 50 ml of water into the fluid chamber.

This is a game of knack and a great way to get the best out of your dooup. You'll all be pros by the end of it and ready to tackle the real stuff in the garden when the time comes.

To encourage a dooup Christmas and 2020, we have taken £10 off and this still includes free shipping to UK customers.

Bag yourself a bag saving, time saving, hygienic garden gadget while giving the most thoughtful gift to your favourite family with a furry member!