Is the gadget that keeps on giving...

AND comes Xmas wrapped with tag including a personalised message - And gets posted in time for Xmas day, so you don't have to!

We've taken the thought out of the most thoughtful gift EVER!

Dog and garden owners everywhere would love the chance to simultaneously scoop and spray this Christmas. A dooup, like a dog is for life. So the garden dooup really is the gift that keeps on giving. Give your love ones the gift of clearing, sanitising, storing and sealing - all in one. Dog waste for them will never be seen or smelt again with this cool garden gadget!

When purchasing, don't forget to add your free gift wrap and tag here - this is relevant for both the garden dooup and the dooup walk-ease. Order by 19th December for guaranteed delivery by Christmas day. See both in action on our home page. You will not be disappointed and neither will they!

Everyone loves a gadget at Christmas. The garden dooup is the great new Christmas game. It's a great way to practice the technique - maybe get some play doh for exactly that purpose! Or if practising on a wipeable surface, you could use all kinds of leftovers, to erm, replicate the various consistencies of waste.

We were shocked to see actual children's games featuring pretend dog poo for clearing - The garden dooup is the real deal and a whole lot more fun. Plus, if old enough, your children can now get involved in this new way to clear dog poo contactless and hygienically.

As seen on one of our videos, teenagers will actually argue over whose turn it is to clear dog poo from the garden! The dooup makes for a perfect joint gift. And it gives to the whole family, including the dog who enjoys a good roll around occasionally. Why not gift it to your four legged friend. They will no longer have to lounge and play where they poo. The garden dooup reduces the risk of toddlers and small children coming into contact with the 23 million bacteria in dog waste. You'll even be doing your bit for the environment - reducing the spread of bacteria into waterways and aquatic life.

Why not get a dooup walk-ease for the most convenient way to walk your dog? You'll never be caught short of a poo bag again. The added convenience of the attached lead and multi-purpose storage facilities mean this cool addition will not be deemed an extra hindrance on a walk. If anything, it actually aids a more leisurely walk, enabling the walker to let go of the lead as and when they feel comfortable. This is really useful when talking on the phone, holding a child's hand or carrying the shopping. It's extra security by a busy road, or comforting when an aggressive dog approaches.

Keep your treats in there, along with a water bottle and ball thrower, so if your walk turns into a longer one, you have a few comforts to keep them keen. Some of the packs come with these items and even a handy sanitiser should you wish to sanitise your hands or the affected area.