There are no guarantees that they’ll get on and there are certainly no guarantees that there won’t be any ‘incidents’ that is why we never promote leaving babies/children alone with dogs, even for a few seconds.

Let’s do facts first - The group that is most-often the victim of dog bites: boys aged 5-9 years.

Studies have shown that babies by the age of 1 show more love for their actual family dog in comparison to a toy dog. This shows that dogs are certainly beneficial for babies in that they evoke love.

For baby

Prepare, introduce and then teach them how to treat the dog.

For doggy, it’s a good idea to prepare them for some of the nuances that can go hand in hand with babies and children. Train your dog well before the baby arrives. You can find several basic dog training guides here to get you started.

Desensitize your dog to being touched all over her body with varying degrees of pressure and noise levels. Desensitize your dog to interactions while she’s eating – touching her food, petting her while she’s eating or even taking the food bowl away during mealtimes. Seems harsh but it’s a good way to trial their patience. Most important, ensure they have a comfortable resting place away from baby. Everyone needs time out from babies and your furry friends are likely to need more!

Introduce them to the concept

Introduce your dog to the strange new sights, smells and sounds that come with a new baby. Let her see and smell some of the baby’s new clothes, toys, lotions and various feeding apparatus. Leave a few items around the house and install the new furniture and toys several weeks in advance for your pooch to get used to. Gradually introduce periods of ignoring your dog while you pay more attention to a baby doll, another pet, or a friend’s child you could babysit.

And when baby gets bigger and is eager to crawl around the garden, we recommend clearing and sanitising with a garden dooup. It's quick, easy and hygienic. You can even clear one handed while holding your little one if needs be. Take a look at the garden dooup in action. It's a no brainer. Saves time, bags and backs - and can you afford not to have such peace of mind. After all, the garden is a place we lounge, dine and play. Keep it clean and clear for all to enjoy.